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Bubble Fong Friends

Play Everyone Enjoy Everyone.


The pinkfong company's
Pinkfong Baby Shark

The pinkfong company's Pinkfong Baby Shark proves its IP power in various fields at home and abroad. The "Baby Shark Dance" video, which topped YouTube's most viewed videos in November 2020, continues to be a global syndrome, surpassing 10 billion views in December 2021.

Blockchain's first


Bubble Fong Friends can be played not only on mobile but also on PC, IPTV, and Console. This is the first blockchain game that can be played anytime, anywhere.

Popularization of

P2E Game Esports

It will host a seasonal global league. People can participate in the league with friends, family, and as a couple. Challenge to win the prize money and coin.


Bubble Fong Friends can convert characters, friends, and items into
NFTs, and supports user-to-user transactions through the NFT market.